What Can I Make as a Sign Shop Owner?

What Can I Make as a Sign Shop Owner?

Are you thinking about starting a sign shop?

Today’s post is for you. Read on to learn what sign shop owners make, both in terms of their production capabilities and gross profits.

Are Sign Shops Profitable in 2018?

Yes! Our model is highly profitable, with low overhead, affordable startup investment, high incidence of repeat customers, and a thriving online sales model that generates major business, even outside your protected territory. The sign industry is highly resilient, and with new businesses opening every day, new customers are always popping up.

Moreover, research by the International Sign Association (ISA) reports that signs, graphics, and visual communications are expected to remain “above trend” in terms of consumer demand and spending throughout 2018.

Of course, we can’t release explicit financial information in this public forum. But don’t fret: for comprehensive information on what our business partners make, as well as the typical Break-Even Point (BEP) and ROI, get in touch with a Signworld representative at 888-765-7446.

If you’re not ready to speak with a member of our team, read on to learn about how our sign shop alliance expanded production capabilities to maximize member profits.

What Kind of Products Can I Make As A Sign Shop Owner?

  • Floor graphics that work with carpet, concrete, tile, wood, and more. These are typically used in showrooms or for wayfinding purposes in big box stores, but there’s also a growing market for residential installations for “man caves” and recreational rooms (e.g. paying homage to a favorite sports’ team).
  • Digitally printed graphics for a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses in almost any industry you can think of.
  • Flags for clients to show their allegiance at sporting events, draw eyes at trade shows, or add some regality to their grand opening or private event.
  • Post and panel signage in a variety of styles that targets all kinds of clientele, from realtors and construction workers to business owners wanting more permanent carved or sand blasted options.
  • Banners of all shapes, styles, and sizes.
  • Point of purchase signs that retail and commercial store owners love for their ability to ramp up sales.
  • Wayfinding signage that works in any context to make your event, business, or private party easy to navigate.
  • Vehicle wraps and graphics to give business owners new ways to market and brand using their cars, trucks, boats, trailers, helicopters, and even low-speed planes.
  • Safety signs to keep businesses compliant with local laws and protected from any liability.
  • Textile and fabric prints to create versatile branding/marketing paraphernalia.

In addition to all these in-house production options, members of the Signworld business alliance are also taught how to outsource certain jobs to increase the scope of their sales. We coach all members on how to sell and outsource the following products:

  • ADA and engraved signage;
  • Custom awnings and canopies;
  • Channel letters of all shapes, styles, and sizes (illuminated and non-illuminated);
  • Dimensional letters;
  • Direct-to-garment printing, such as shirts, hats, and other clothing items;
  • Electrical sign cabinets;
  • Formed, cast, or cut metal or plastic letters;
  • Grand format prints larger than 60” wide (with no seam requirement);
  • Lobby signs;
  • Monument signs;
  • Neon signs;
  • Promotional items, including mugs, embroidery, and so on.

As you can see, starting a sign shop as part of the Signworld business alliance gets you access to incredible sign production capacities that allow our members to maximize their profitability and networking opportunities.

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