What Does It Cost to Start a Sign Business?

What Does It Cost to Start a Sign Business

Today’s post dives into what it costs to start a sign business with the Signworld franchise family. We breakdown estimated startup costs and explain exactly what you’re paying for. Use this guide to inform your sign franchise research, or to get started with our team!

How much do I need to start my sign business?

Though the final figure will be different for every individual, Signworld’s standard start-up cost is $195,000, which includes:

  • Signworld package – $150,000
  • Startup expenses – $20,000
  • Cash reserve – $25,000

Startup expenses are what you might expect as a small business owner. Our estimate includes the cost of your website, furniture, outdoor sign, security deposit, phone/fax/copier, printing, insurance premiums, utility hookups, training-related travel, and miscellaneous tools and supplies.

Cash reserves should be a part of every startup investment breakdown. This “safety net” is intended for emergencies, or to cover any cash shortfalls that may arise in the beginning.

But what about the Signworld package? Valued at $150,000, you undoubtedly have some questions. We’re about transparency here, so take a look below for a complete breakdown.

What’s included in the Signworld package?

  • Sign-making equipment and software. We are a modern sign company that equips you with cutting edge tools and technology to diversify your product offerings and open up the maximum number of revenue streams.
  • Pricing and Point of Sale cloud-based software. Cut your administrative task time down with our intuitive financial software. Using our cloud-based system saves you the trouble of trying to find quality software on your own, and gives you the added benefit of our ongoing technical training and support.
  • Full sign business training. Our training covers technical, operational, marketing, sales, web mastery, pricing, human resources, and on-site duties in a fat-free four week program.
  • Ongoing webinar access. Think of our webinar series as a team of long-term, long-range consultants. We gather the latest and greatest insights on sales, marketing, web management, pricing, suppliers, and technical advancements to keep your business as up-to-date as you want it to be. Our goal is not to railroad our franchisees’ business, but rather to empower them with helpful resources and opportunities for continuing education, and these webinars make it possible.
  • Protected territories. Our territory program eliminates interfamily competition, guaranteeing you exclusive franchise rights to geographical areas containing up to 3000 businesses. These local protections guarantee brick-and-mortar shop sales, while our website platform continues to boost your bottom-line.
  • Site selection and lease negotiation support. After working with small business startups for decades, we’ve come to understand that site selection and lease negotiation support is critical. These two decisions will dictate your profitability for years to come, and they’re also the two things that newcomers typically have the least amount of experience with; sure, you may be a sign-making master, but unless you’ve owned a business already, site selection and lease negotiation can breakdown to guesswork. Our support and market analyses will guide you as much or as little as you like.
  • Design, layout, and decoration consulting. Interior design is generally the last thing on the mind of first-time small business owners, and rightfully so. But neglecting your office space is a mistake that could cost you walk-ins. For this reason, we offer design, layout, and decoration consulting, so you can focus on growing your business and still have a shop you’re proud to show clients.
  • Annual convention access with continuing education opportunities. As mentioned early, Signworld is about empowering its business family, and our annual convention give you 3 days of upgrade training to make this possible.
  • Franchise fee. Franchise fees help fund the support services we offer our franchise family, and give you full access to our proven system, as well as our national reputation. Franchise fees are standard, but unlike other brands, we do not collect royalties – this is a one-time fee that gets you long-term support and benefits.

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