Why Join a Sign Alliance? Signworld Partnership Case Study

Why Join a Sign Alliance? Signworld Partnership Case Study

Thinking about joining a sign alliance? Today’s post is for you. Read on for a quick case study about how a curious entrepreneur like you went on to become an award-winning (and big-money earning) Signworld start-up.

Signworld Case Study: Visibility Signs & Graphics

The first time Lance Walker called Signworld, he had no experience in this industry. Up until that moment, he split his time between executive duties at a marketing consulting firm and real estate development company, and made a good living doing it. But he wasn’t totally fulfilled and soon felt it was time to change career paths.

That’s when he stumbled across the Signworld opportunity.

Here’s what appealed to him right away:

  • No rules and no royalties. Like most business owners, Lance was pleased to see that Signworld did not collect ongoing royalties, which meant he could keep what he earned and not have to live with the weight of recurring fees on his back. But even more enticing was the idea of no rules–after so many years of juggling executive duties with two partnerships, both of which involved a lot of compromise, Lance was thrilled by the prospect of running the business exactly how he wanted to. As he continued to research other alliances and franchise opportunities, it quickly became clear to Lance how valuable this business freedom was.
  • Low risk business opportunity. At this stage in his career, Lance was not interested in gambling with his money. Knowing that any business venture carries risks, his goal was to find a relatively safe business model that still met his criteria for profitability and lifestyle. Signworld fit that profile, with a proven business model with more than 28 years of success stories behind it. Lance saw the demand for signage rising, got a feel for our extensive owner support resources, and knew he’d found the right fit.
  • Strong and supportive community. Long before he signed on the dotted line, Lance loved the sense of community he saw among Signworld partners. Over the course of his validation process, which includes in-person tours and plenty of talks with current Signworld partners, Lance saw that owners were free to ask questions, seek advice, and request help from Signworld’s community of over 330+ partners whenever they needed it, whether they did so in person or online via the Owner’s forum. Additionally, he saw plenty of referrals shared, hot tips passed on, and jokes cracked–exactly the kind of fun, supportive family environment that Lance was looking for.
  • National business resources. Lance was also impressed by Signworld’s nationwide network of production and installers, which would allow him to work with customers who have locations or equipment across the country.

Today, Lance Walker runs his sign and graphics business in West Valley, Utah.

In fact, in 2016, Lance was named the Signworld Rookie of the Year after generating almost $460,000 in revenue, topping his first-year owner class.

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