Why Sell Digital Signs In 2021? Research Shows Retail Marketing Value

Why Sell Digital Signs In 2021? Research Shows Retail Marketing Value

If there is one thing we know about today’s world, it’s that the digital age is here to stay. This is especially true when it comes to businesses, since modern marketing now involves different forms of digital advertising. However, while you may think digital marketing involves only social media, digital signs also play a key role in retail marketing. If you’re a sign shop owner who’s wondering why digital signs are so important to businesses and how you can entice your customers into going digital, research shows these signs offer many exciting benefits for business owners.

Catching The Attention Of Customers

As for the retail marketing value of digital signs, studies show that over 80% of customers will enter a store because a digital sign catches their attention. Since the goal of any business is to increase its customer base and its profits, pointing this out to your clients can lead to an immediate sale.

Influence Purchasing Decisions

While digital signs can be used outside, their retail marketing value inside is also quite valuable. Since they can be set up throughout a store, they can display key points about certain products, helping to influence a customer’s decision to buy the product.

Entertain Customers

When millennials go shopping, they want to be entertained. Based on research, 50% of men and over 70% of women who are millennials look at shopping as a form of entertainment. By using digital signs to show everything from social media content to funny videos and more, it will be easy to convince business owners of the retail marketing value of digital signs, while also virtually guaranteeing their customers will be entertained during their shopping experience.

Keeping Up With Competitors

When your sign shop is selling digital signs, emphasize to clients that by using these signs for maximum retail marketing value, they will be crucial to keeping up with the competition. Since any business today that hasn’t gone digital is considered to be behind the times, selling digital signs will be vital not only to your business, but also to those of your clients.

Availability Of Products

When it comes to retail marketing, availability of products is everything. In fact, digital signs can let customers know when there are only a few of their favorite items left in stock, prompting them to make an immediate purchase. A tremendous tool in retail marketing, this is often an easy way to sell digital signs to clients.

With so much retail marketing value attached to them, it’s easy to see why signs that use digital technology are so popular. If you are wanting to learn more about selling these signs to customers, contact Signworld at 888-765-7446 or visit today.


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