Pinnacle Custom Signs

Don and Theresa Conklin, who spent a majority of their previous career in management and IT services roles for AT&T, became Signworld Business Partners affiliates with Pinnacle custom signs in 2011. After many years of being surrounded by layoffs, they were ready to take control of their future. They were looking for a business that would give them control, autonomy, scalability and offer a product that was in demand. Once they were introduced to Signworld by a Franchise Coach, they knew it was the right fit because it would allow them to utilize a proven business model and infuse the skills and experience that they acquired over the years to build a business that was their very own while also having the autonomy provided within the Signworld model.

With Signworld’s help, they developed a business strategy to become one of the premier sign companies in the state of Georgia. Out of their single location, a 9,000 sq. ft. industrial space in the Atlanta area, they have built a national sign company that currently generates over $3MM in annual revenue. Don and Theresa, who now run the business with two of their sons, making it a family business with a succession plan, credit their success to remaining true to who they are, serving their customers well and having a flexible business model that allows them to grow and adapt their business as they see fit.

Today, Don and Theresa have a business that mostly runs itself. Their team of 19 employees handle every aspect of the business allowing Don and Theresa to do what they enjoy most within the business. In addition, they get to spend more time traveling the world than they ever did before.


Location: Atlanta, GA

Years in business: 22+

Business Highlights:

9,000 sq. ft. industrial space

$3MM+ in annual revenue

19 employees

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